Core Values Game

Why those values?

Richard Barrett lists in his recent book, „Everything I Have Learned About Values“, the top ten values of 450.000 people, who have chosen while running Personal Value Assessment (PVA). Those values are Family, Humor, Caring, Respect, Friendship, Trust, Enthusiasm, Commitment, Creativity, Continuous Learning. Richard states: „Because of the large number of people who have completed this survey, I tend to think of these values as the values of humanity.“ His statement inspired me to call those values as Core Values.

Having a conversation about values can be energizing. The conversation takes place when we play with the Core Values cards.

(inspired by moving motivators)

First: Identify the values which are at your focus nowadays. Place the cards in order from left (most important) to right (least important.)

Second: If you are running this exercise with a group of people, share your thoughts on why those values are important to you, and what they mean to you. Have a brief conversation.

Third – a scenario: Discuss how change affects your values. For example: If you’re wondering if you should change jobs, which would mean moving to another city, learning a new skill and making all new friends, how does that affect your values? It’ll most likely increase some values and decrease others. Some may not change. Move the cards up for a positive change and down for a negative one and then look. What is the story about the movement of the values?


  • Team building; identifying team values
  • Coaching
  • Hiring
  • Team Diversity

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