Why listening makes you a better leader and and increases the self-confidence our your colleagues, empowers your teams?

Let us imagine that someone is coming to us with a problem.

And we are listening.

What may happen with us is to check in our database/thoughts (values, beliefs, experiences..) whether we had similar problem as she and what were the consequences of that problem in our case. Everything what she says is internally interpreted, evaluated by us.

With this information we get very much involved in the conversation and we sympathize with her.

This moment can be a good sign for not listening. Yes, this is not listening; it is the start of dealing with ourself, with our thoughts.  If the problem is not fitting into our „list“ of „advices“ we get irritated. Irritation comes from fear and we feel out of control.

What is out of control?

So, what to do not to fall into the trap of „being out of control“?

  1. create an intention to be curios.
  2. be courageous to explore new territories.
  3. and, „see“ that you are at no time out of control, since there is NO control at all

What do we do when we listen?

  1. We listen what she says,
  2. We listen to the tone of what she says,
  3. We listen to our heart, body what it says, without judging

We do this by letting go of the desire to stabilize, control the life, which is continuously changing.

This way of listening supports your colleague. She sees the problem with clarity, which gives her more confidence to solve it. She gains more trust towards you as a leader.

You as a leader have proven again your trust to your colleague, that she can solve problems and by listening you have learned a lot more about yourself as a leader.

You have extended your new areas to discover.

„Great leader have great teams“ is no more an illusion once your intention is stronger than your fear.