Ilker Demirel

Agile Leadership: Self-awareness, Mindset and Leading

Agile Leadership: Self-awareness, Mindset, and Leading

No one is questioning: to be „agile“ we have to have an „agile mindset.“ We expect from everyone in the organization to have this mindset.

This workshop is for the people who take responsibility and start working on her mindset rather than expecting others to do.

To be an influential leader, you need to know from which mindset you are operating. To make a difference and create sustainable results, you may need to consider choosing a new mindset. That requires an increased level of self-awareness.

That will open your possibilities operating as an agile leader.

In this workshop, you learn:

  • the agile manifesto, values
  • tools, and techniques, frameworks used in an agile context

We quickly discover the tools, and methods. They give us valuable support. The challenge is the shift in mindset.

We will support you so that you will experience:

  • How you take or avoid responsibility
  • From which mindset you are operating now, what do you value?
  • What is the structure of your perception filter? Which of the beliefs and assumptions holding you back to act in line with your authentic self?
  • Which Leadership Mindset may serve you in the future and help you to align with your authentic self?
  • How to nurture your self-awareness?

Attention: during the workshop, we challenge your ego. At the end of the workshop, you will identify ways to follow and challenges to learn and grow. The seminar will change your whole perspective on your life and leadership style.

To have a long-lasting change, we will follow up and support you for the next 4-6 weeks at no additional costs.

Now it is time to stop seeing the cause and needed change outside. Start seeing the „change“ in you and take the opportunity to form a new mindset by increasing your awareness.

We will use role plays, case studies, and practice with a variety of scenarios to make this session pragmatic, and immediately applicable.