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Stakeholder Centered Coaching

There is tale of a yogi, who had spent years in a Himalayan cave on retreat. He was meditating for a long time. One day a traveller came by and, seeing the yogi, asked him what he was doing. “I am meditating on patience,” the yogi said. “In that case” replied the traveller, “you can […]

Leadership effectiveness: how to be aware of our perception lens

„Perception is edited observation“ David R. Hawkins We demonstrate leadership in all our decisions, actions, and behavior. Our decisions are very much steered by the feelings we attach to our thoughts. The thoughts are generated by our assumptions, which are formed by beliefs, values. Whatever we see and perceive is the evidence of believes through behavior. We […]


Why listening makes you a better leader and and increases the self-confidence our your colleagues, empowers your teams? Let us imagine that someone is coming to us with a problem. And we are listening. What may happen with us is to check in our database/thoughts (values, beliefs, experiences..) whether we had similar problem as she […]

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Datum Ort Training Preis € Buchung 20. – 22. January 2020 Berlin Certified ScrumMaster (CSM®)(English, 3 Days) until 20. December 2240,- thereafter 2490,- Sold out 23. – 24. Januar 2020 Berlin Certified Scrum Product Owner(CSPO®)(Deutsch, 2 Tage) bis zum 10. Januar 1260,- danach 1450,- Ausgebucht 20. – 21. Februar 2020 Berlin Certified ScrumMaster (CSM®)(Deutsch, 2 Tage) […]

Agile Transformation is a Cultural Transformation

For good reasons many organizations have chosen to go through  an „agile transformation“ while using Scrum as a framework for complex product development processes. This transformation is a journey and impacting the way of working, the behavior. With the positive attitude, enthusiasm  and the genuine commitment from both top and down the transformation starts very well. After a […]